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Mobile casino as a profitable business

Mobile casino as a profitable business


How can we forget about such a way of monetization as gambling? You can be sure that if it were not for the strict regulations of the App Store and Google Play regarding gambling, it would be possible to beat not only the live games, but also the hottest video games in terms of profit.


Despite all the limitations, online casinos, betting shops and poker tables have successfully transferred their skills to the mobile environment, and the niche is evolving by leaps and bounds. According to research, the mobile gambling market will reach the $100 billion mark by 2017. The check in such applications can be 1.5-2 thousand dollars, and it is not surprising if we remember what big bets are made by 10-15% of inveterate players.


It is still not so easy to make money from such apps, and all because of severe restrictions. In 2013, the AppStore banned the acceptance of bets via IAP in apps that provide the ability to withdraw real money. Also, the publisher of the application must have a permit and license to conduct gambling in all countries in which the application is published, and its download must be free. Restrictions apply to everything: the size of the maximum bet is often limited, and this cuts off some users who want to gamble legally and in a big way.


Mobile Stores keep mobile gambling within strict limits, but casino apps remain a Klondike for the publisher. Poker by Zynga, for example, brings in more than $25,000 a day. Some publishers are trying to boost revenue bypassing the big stooges by offering to download the app to your phone directly from the casino's website or by distributing it through alternative marketplaces.


Whether you want to create a legal or illegal mobile casino, you shouldn't try to do it without a thorough knowledge of the online and nuances of mobile gambling: most likely you won't succeed.

The emergence of casinos for cell phones was a natural step in the development of the gambling market. Today it's hard to surprise anyone with the fact that you can bet and win from a smartphone. Technology makes both players and online casino owners happy. Because now you can play where, when and how much you want.


Another question is how promising the mobile casino is in terms of business. Let's find out what advantages and disadvantages this trend has and what opportunities the development of a gambling application opens up for you.


Mobile online casino

Note that it is possible to create a mobile version for a full-size online casino as well. Learn how to create a casino application and expand your audience with smartphone check

Characteristics of mobile online casinos

Compared with the standard version, software for mobile gambling usually requires more modifications. Smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers display the content sometimes with large differences, and on rare devices and does not run at all. It takes a lot of time and working hours to get the software in order.


For the same reason, developing a casino for a mobile device is more expensive, and advertising it is more difficult. But despite these disadvantages, the gambling club bovad in the phone has a number of undeniable advantages.


Why more and more users go to casinos via cell phones:


  • You can play from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet; and even - from the workplace without fear of being seen.

  • A mobile device is easier to buy than a laptop or desktop computer.

  • The online casino app usually has a higher level of protection of personal and payment data.

  • Available 24/7.

What are mobile casinos online?

To begin with, there are currently two ways to play from a mobile device, and each is good in its own way.


The best casinos use both channels. This ensures maximum audience reach and makes the game convenient for customers.

Today it is rare to meet a person who at least once in his life has not tried to play at an online casino. Unfortunately, not many people think about the question, who creates all these slots? After all, the development of casino games - the result of human labor. And, it has to be said, it really takes a lot of effort and time.



Creating games for the casino: the main stages

How does the creation of casino software happen? How to make the slot machine become profitable to the gambling establishment? What specialists need to be involved? What are the components that make up the development of video slots and what does the team do at each stage?


So, let's lay out how the slot machines in the casino.


Stage one: concept development

The development of casino games begins the same way all great deeds do: in someone's clear head comes the most valuable thing in this world - an idea. At this stage, the concept of the future project is thought about. Specialists work through all aspects of the slot machine, put together a team of ideas and on the basis of this material to create a common backbone of the game, to then translate it into reality.


Developer software for the casino with his team discusses the plot, thematic focus of the future slot machine, makes design sketches. At this stage, it is important to decide how many reels the game will have, the maximum number of active lines, the presence of additional bonus rounds, jackpots and many other points.


The development of casino games are formulated and fixed in the documentation. As a result, performers clearly understand how to make a slot machine. The customer, in turn, gets to see exactly what they are putting their money into. Casino game developer regularly updates all documentation, keeps it up to date and informs the customer of all changes.

Stage two: The prototype

When the concept is ready, casino game makers create prototypes. Just because something looks good on paper, it doesn't mean it will look as good in real life. A prototype is made in order to evaluate the basic gameplay, test various hypotheses, test game mechanics and verify key technical points.


The prototype implements only the things that need urgent testing. It is very important that its implementation does not cause any difficulties, because after the finished product is created, the prototype is put aside. Quality and professional casino game development does not imply the use of a prototype as the basis for the creation of the project.


Stage three: the vertical slice

In the third stage, the primary version of the full game, where the gameplay is implemented, is created. Only the elements that have the greatest impact on the quality of perception are worked out in detail. Basic functionality is still present only in draft form.


Stage four: content development

This stage is the most time-consuming. After the successful passage of the first three stages of project development manufacturer moves on to the fourth, most important step - the creation of a full game. Here the developers bring to life all their planned ideas.


The development of software for online casinos at this stage includes the involvement of the creative process, the maximum number of specialists. Artists and designers are actively working on creating high-quality graphics, programmers are working on the gameplay and the unification of all the ideas into a whole. Then the results of the work are integrated with each other. Next comes optimization, tweaking, and tuning.


All of this is polished to a shine and prepared for the next, fifth stage.


Stage five: testing.

In order to check how successful the development of casino software was, there are no bugs, errors and defects in the finished product, involve third-party players to conduct testing.


Thus it is possible to fix the mistakes made in the fourth phase and fix the detected problems. Usually the developer of games for online casinos involves experienced players in testing, but without the newcomers can not do without. It is extremely important that the final product has a simple and uncomplicated control panel.


Stage six: Release

Now all that is left is to integrate the games into the casino, and the finished creation can be released to the delight of gamers and the operator.

How to make a mobile casino

It is not necessary to urgently become a developer of mobile software. Such a task is better left in the hands of specialists; on your own it can take an exorbitant amount of time and effort. And contractors are able to make a cool mobile application with game slots in a few weeks. Adapting the site for Android is done more quickly, in just a few days.


So first you need to decide what format to work with your audience is more suitable for you. And then contact the professionals at bavada and order the development. Our team can take care of all the tasks related to the launch of mobile applications: creation, marketing and support by moderators.