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The most essential things in the house of every dog ​​lover

Pet shops offer a variety of dog supplies, but are they all you need? What products are useless and what should every dog ​​owner have? In our article, we will list the essentials for dogs.

Bowls for dog

For an adult and calm pet, ceramic bowls are ideal. They are the most hygienic, as they are very easy to clean and also do not leave scratches on them, where dirt can accumulate. Another plus is that they are heavy and it will not be so easy for the dog to turn them over. If you have a puppy or a very active pet, then metal bowls with a rubber bottom will be a good option. Choose only high quality material, and in this case, bowls will last the dog's life. Having got a puppy, buy a bowl "for growth", as puppies grow very quickly. Dogs do not need a bowl holder, veterinarians say that during the time a dog spends at the bowl during the day, he cannot have time to form an incorrect posture, contrary to the myth. Therefore, you should not spend extra money on this.

Place for a dog

Each pet should have its own place in the house. It can be a special box or a couch. Boxing is a must if you have a growing puppy at home. A special home box will save you money and nerves from damaged property. You need to choose a box according to the size of the dog and “for growth”. It should be made of high quality, stainless steel, with strong rods and latches. Then he will serve the whole life of the pet. For an already adult dog, a bed is suitable, it should be slightly larger than your dog's size. Choose a stove bench with a dense filling and a special cover that can be washed. To keep the bed neat for a long time, choose dark fabric colors. The fabric should be made from natural, dense materials. Due to synthetics, dogs can be electrocuted, and synthetics can easily be torn with claws.

Collar and leash

Every dog ​​owner goes for a walk with it at least once a day. For the safety of the pet and others, you will need a collar or harness and a leash. The collar should be made of soft, natural materials such as nylon or biothane. These collars last a long time and do not chafe the dog's neck. The leash and harness can also be made of these materials. You should not buy leather ammunition, it does not tolerate moisture well and quickly deteriorate.

Dog toys

Here dog supplies sellers offer a huge selection. But ideally, the pet should have at least three toys of different shapes and materials, namely: a dense rubber ball, a rope and something very dense, such as a wooden dumbbell. Never buy cheap toys, they can harm your dog's health.