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List of the best financial applications for the cell phone: personal finance accounting, investments and business.

List of the best financial applications for the cell phone: personal finance accounting, investments and business.



Financial application is a software and cloud Internet service that allows you to plan and control your cash flows, analyze the state of your wallet and assets. There are applications for private users, which are mostly free and offer standard parameters. In addition, applications are developed for large financial players, mainly they are paid, initially with an English-language interface. Here is a list of the best financial applications for cell phones. Check top financial software development companies and their products which can help you

Applications for accounting of own finances

A huge benefit is provided by applications that help you control your own finances, and do not get lost in the question why you can not save enough money in your wallet. Programs that help you keep track of your own finances are extremely useful to the modern and active person, who often has a mess of personal savings. To organize your finances, and to control your income/expenses, it is better to install such an application on your phone, and work with it every day.

  • 1Money - expense accounting, budget. The application easily answers the question, where all the money went. It allows you to control the budget and visual expenses, to keep track of debts and savings for a selected period of time. In the settings of the application you can choose the currency of interest;

  • Zen Money - expense accounting. The utility gives confidence to a person who is worried about his financial situation. It helps to keep personal expenses in automatic mode. The application recognizes SMS notifications from major banks in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, automatically creates transactions, imports and exports statements from electronic wallets. Provides a detailed picture of personal accounts and cards, cash, loans, contributions, electronic money, etc..;

  • Bluecoins - finances and budget. A simple and powerful application to track spending and planning, where and what the money went or may go. It allows you to flexibly maintain a personal budget, create budget plans, forecast financial expenses, calculate the cost of purchases and utility payments for a given period of time;

  • Monefy - convenient financial accounting. Fast program, which has a high rating among users. A simple interface allows you to easily adjust settings from your phone. All actions are performed in one click - just specify the amount for expenses;

  • Smartmoney - expense accounting, my finances. The software for accounting of personal expenses, to which it is enough to constantly contribute all the income and expenses. All user data is encrypted from unauthorized access. Available functions: currency selection, category setting, reporting period selection, calculator, maintenance of several accounts simultaneously.

  • LocalProBook - service for finding local pros for any home improvement projects.

Financial applications for traders and investors

With the help of such applications it is possible to receive actual information about what is happening in the global financial markets, data on the main stock market indices, stock quotes in real time, foreign and digital currency rates, prices for raw materials (precious metals, oil and natural gas). Some applications have an integrated calendar of the latest economic and financial events.

List of the best financial applications for cell phone


  • Bloomberg: Market & Financial. Full access to the global financial market, stock market and financial news. The application will be an auxiliary tool for business people, financiers, bankers, traders and investors. Functions: financial news, personal portfolio creation, commodity value data, currency and crypt currency rates, futures and much more. 30 days of use of the application is free. A monthly subscription will cost the user 34.99 USD.

  • Functionally powerful application developed by the programmers of the financial portal of the same name. The utility is extremely useful for merchants and investors because it provides a variety of global and local financial instruments. Here you can find quotes on more than 70 world-known exchanges, economic events calendar, news and financial market analytics. With financial instruments and a personalized portfolio, you can create your own investment portfolio. In addition - information on bonds and securities, global indexes, digital currency market news, shares of major companies in the world, currency rates, the cost of commodities;

  • Yahoo Finance. Application for economic and financial sector market monitoring. It offers current stock quotes of well-known companies, currency rates, the cost of bonds, commodities, global indexes, futures and much more. Thanks to the function of personalized news, you can customize and edit your personal web portfolio, compare quotes using the interactive full-screen chart;

  • MSN Money - Stock Quotes & News. Application developed by Microsoft Corporation. Offers the world's best sources with the latest global financial market news. Convenient tools and the program calculator helps to actively develop financial literacy. Built-in functions: stock market data, exchange rates, commodity prices, personalized watches, mortgage calculator, retirement planner, wealth assessment, indices and much more.