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How To Make Iced Coffee All Over The World

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In recent years, cold brew coffee has become very popular in many places, but cold brew coffee is not the only occasion to be drunk on a hot day. Let’s take a look at how cold brew coffee is drunk all over the world.

In the United States and most European countries, cold brew coffee is used as a base to make many kinds of beverages. Instead, cold brew coffee is seldom drunk directly. You may drink cold water, milk, or even heated water together. Sometimes even syrup is added. For example, New Orleans coffee will add chicory, and some people like to add vanilla, caramel, or chocolate to the higher concentration of cold brew coffee.

But there is no uniform approach. Just like the diverse United States, cold brew coffee with a higher concentration can be blended according to preferences.

Thai And Vietnamese Iced Coffee

There are many ways to make Thai and Vietnamese iced coffee. For example, Thailand has a traditional method of using filter cloth, and there are also iced coffees made in Vietnamese drip pots. In addition, Thais mix coffee with corn, soybeans, and sesame, but Vietnamese only use coffee in their coffee.

However, the cream and sweetness of iced coffee are produced by these two methods. Once brewed, the coffee is cooled and then mixed with sweetened condensed milk. These Southeast Asian iced coffees do not take the healthy route. Thai and Vietnamese iced coffee can contain as much condensed milk as coffee and may even be the iced coffee with the highest calorie in the world.

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Indian Iced Coffee

India has its own style of iced coffee, made with a lot of milk or cream (most recipes require one or two cups), sugar, crushed ice, and instant coffee. When these ingredients are mixed together, it becomes what most people think of as a coffee smoothie or milkshake.

There are many different ways to enjoy iced coffee worldwide, but the purpose is very clear, which is to resist the hot summer and grab the tail of the summer. Next time you have a chance to drink Thai, Vietnamese or Indian-style iced coffee, you can feel whether the iced and sweet coffee is really cool, and at the same time, use sweetness and creamy smooth taste to make up for the sluggish summer Spirit.