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Indras Web - Alchemy and ChaosTheory as Models of Self-Transfrmtn (TSD 6228)

Term: 2009-10 Fall Semester


Robin Robertson
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How is it that transformation comes about? In this class, we?re going to look at two models of that process, both of which ostensibly look at outer transformation while unknowingly also speaking about inner transformation. One is an ancient model?Western alchemy?the other much more recent?chaos theory. Alchemy and chaos theory may seem to have little in common with each other or with spiritual transformation. But in fact, the two offer strikingly similar descriptions of the core processes of transformation. During the course, we will discuss in depth five critical insights they share (as well as many smaller ones) which provide a framework for the stages of self-transformation: (1) As Above, So Below, (2) Feedback, (3) Taking Apart/Putting Together, (4) Chaos/Emergence, and (5) The Philosopher?s Stone. The insights learned from alchemy and chaos theory can help each of us on our own path toward wholeness.