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This is to be completed by the recommender. Fill out the form in its entirety for the letter to be considered official.

Please submit this form with your letter attached/uploaded as a Word .doc or PDF file. We appreciate your contribution to the admissions process.
Applicant's Name:
Recommender's Name:
Zip Code:
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CIIS programs are designed to serve those students who seek transformative education. They wish to learn in a way that offers not only sound academic training for their professional lives, but learning that impacts their personal lives as well. We would appreciate your thoughtful and candid appraisal of this applicant. Please submit this form to CIIS, with your letter attached/uploaded.

Please note: The applicant's file will not be reviewed until your letter is received. The Family Education Right to Privacy Act of 1974 mandates that this recommendation be made available to the applicant at her or his request, provided that the applicant has not waived the right to access.

Factors we would like you to consider, if applicable:
(Please submit answers in the form of a letter. Personal examples are helpful.)

• In what capacity have you known the applicant?

• What have you observed in the applicant that leads you to recommend her/ him for our program?

• Speak to the capacity of the applicant to do graduate-level work.

• Do you know of any interests and/or practices relevant to the applicant's future studies?

• What is your assessment of the applicant's professional abilities?

• Does the applicant relate well in a collaborative environment?

• ls the applicant capable of self-directed study?