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Your Federal Student Loan History -
All current students are encouraged to review/analyze their student loan history. If you see a discrepancy (i.e.: identity theft), you should contact the Department of Education immediately to report this abuse.
Start Paying Your Interest Early - click here to view savings
This site can give you good understanding as to how you may reduce your overall student loan debt burden simply by making interest payments while still in school.
Student Loan Repayment Calculator -
This is a great tool for all students to project their monthly loan repayment amounts.  All students are encouraged to play with this powerful tool - it's never too early to better understand your loan repayment amounts.  It's a good idea to also consider projecting your Graduate PLUS loan amounts as well if you have borrowed any during your academic career.
Student Loan Exit Counseling-
If you're in your last semester, you are required to complete a loan exit counseling online with the Department of Education.  This is a requirement for your graduation process.  If you do not complete your loan exit counseling, our school will not release copies of your transcript or your diploma - you will get your degree conferred, however.
Graduate PLUS Loans:
All Graduate PLUS loans have a credit-decision expiration date of 90 days from the Department of Education. You may need to re-apply again within the academic year if your application expires and you are in need of additional funds.  All Graduate PLUS loans are applicable within the academic year; it can not be applied toward two academic years.
PLUS application opens on June 15th every year  - click here to apply
Graduation Essentials Guide
Things for students to consider before they leave CIIS - be informed!
Graduation Essentials (.pdf, 389K)
Important information for students who plan to graduate or leave CIIS. Don't be in a disposition where you could have been better informed.
Graduation Check List (.pdf, 92K)
Essential steps for loan borrowers to complete when graduating from CIIS
Loan Repayment and Consolidation
Loan Repayment FAQs (.pdf, 309K)
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding loan history, loan repayment, and loan forgiveness.
Loan Consolidation (.pdf, 118K)
For important loan consolidation changes please click here.
Repayment Plan Options (.pdf, 745K)
We encourage you to view this handout, which gives an overview of the different loan repayment options available for borrowers including income-based and consolidation.
How Much Will I Pay Per Month? (.pdf, 253K)
View projected monthly payment amounts on various loan repayment plans
Deferment and Forbearance (.pdf, 188K)
Eligibility requirements and general information regarding deferment and forbearance options for loan borrowers
Loan Forgiveness
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (.pdf, 1086K)
Students working at least 30 hours/week for registered non-profits may qualify for this forgiveness plan. For more information visit .
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
2013-2014 Financial Aid Companions
Please refer to these packets for an overview of financial aid here at CIIS including important deadlines, policies, external scholarship resources, and loan repayment options.
CIIS Financial Aid Companion - Undergraduate Students (.pdf, 6102K)
CIIS Financial Aid Companion - Graduate and PhD Students (.pdf, 6091K)
MCP New Student Information
Financial Aid for MCP Students (.pdf, 432K)
This guide provides information on the total costs of our MCP programs as well as funding opportunities for students in the mental health professions.
External Scholarships
External Scholarship Links (.pdf, 485K)
This list can provide a good jumping off point to search for external scholarships. Please be wary of any scholarship sites that require application fees or mandatory sign-ups to their listservs. Please also be cautious of potential scams when searching for grants and scholarships.
General Information
Financial Aid at a Glance (.pdf, 366K)
Quick guide for types of aid and important links and resources
Low-Cost Health Care Resources
Low-Cost Health Care (.pdf, 96K)
Reference this guide for low-cost health care resources for individuals and families throughout the Bay Area. Vision and dental resources are also included.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.