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CIIS transmits our students’ enrollment data to the National Student Clearinghouse every month and the Clearinghouse supplies this information to its member lenders, servicers and guarantors. If your lendor, servicer or guarantor is not a member, direct them to submit a request to verify your enrollment. They will be charged a small fee for this service. Please be aware that loans come due six months after your enrollment falls below half-time, even if you're on a Leave of Absence. See the Enrollment Status Classifications table for CIIS' definition of half-time.
Submit the Enrollment, Degree & GPA Verification form. Do not direct inquirers to the National Student Clearinghouse, as CIIS does not transmit degree information to them, only enrollment information.

You can register online by logging into MyCIIS and going to the Registration Search and Register for Courses   page. Make sure you select the correct term.Alternatively, you can submit a hard copy Registration Form which can be downloaded from MyCIIS Registrar Office Forms  page. This form can also be obtained from the Registrar's Office in room 405 of 1453 Mission Street.
The Registrar's Office cannot guide your course selection. Please contact your advisor and department. 
From the MyCIIS “Registration” tab, click the Search and Register for Courses  link in the left-hand menu. There you’ll be able to download a PDF of the schedule and an addendum of all changes. If you log into MyCIIS, you can also see the electronic version of the schedule, which is searchable and is the most up-to-date. 


- Do you have a hold? See “Holds” descriptions in the question below.
- Is there a prerequisite for the class? Check course's information in the class schedule or catalog.
- Double-check the term, the course code, and the course section number.
- Is it now after the semester's Add/Drop Deadline ? It is not possible to register online after then. You will need to submit a hard copy registration form with the instructor's signature.
The type of hold will dictate what action to take:

Academic Probation – Contact the Registrar’s Office to inquire about what steps to take at 415-575- 6125 or
Advising – Contact your advisor to either set up a meeting or to ask them to confirm that a meeting has 
already taken place

Business Office – Contact the Business Office to make arrangements to pay a balance at 415-575-6132
Financial Aid – Contact the Financial Aid Office to inquire about what document or task is required at 415-  575-6122 or

Leave of Absence – Contact the Registrar’s Office to confirm your intention to return from your Leave of

Absence at 415-575-6126 or .

Library – Contact the Library to inquire about what materials you have overdue at 415-575-6180 or

Provisional Admission – Contact the Admissions Office about the status of your remaining admissions

requirements at 415-575-6154 or
Registrar’s Office – Contact the Registrar’s Office to inquire about what steps to take at 415-575-6126 or



Yes. This is called Special Student registration. It requires the approval of the chair of the department/program in which the course is housed. Download the Special Student Application from the Registrar’s Office Forms  page of MyCIIS or obtain it from the Registrar’s Office. If you are auditing, you would also need to obtain the instructor’s signature. In lieu of a signature, you may attach an e-mail to theSpecial Student Application . Contact the academic program to find out how to reach the chair or instructor.
Up to one-sixth of a degree program’s units may be satisfied through coursework taken as a Special Student.
It is not possible to register online as an auditor, as auditing requires the instructor’s written approval. Either obtain the instructor’s signature on the registration form (or the Special Student form) or attach an e-mail from the instructor to the form. Do not ask the instructor to e-mail the Registrar’s Office.


- Before the Add/Drop deadline, drop the course and re-register for it, following the above guidelines. If the course has a waitlist, you will be placed at the end of it, so be sure to inquire whether a course has a waitlistbefore you drop it.
-   After the Add/Drop deadline, withdraw from the course and re-register for it, following the guidelines above. After the Add/Drop Deadline, withdrawing and re-registering must be done via the hard copy Registration Form and requires the instructor’s written consent. Withdrawing will result in partial or no reversal of the course's tuition charge. Your transcript will also document a “W” for the withdrawn course. 
It is not possible to register online for a course which has a schedule conflict with another course you’re taking. You can register for one of the courses online, but the other will require the submission of a hard copy registration form with the instructor’s signature. In lieu of a signature, you may attach an e-mail from the instructor to the registration form. Do not ask the instructor to e-mail the Registrar’s Office. 
Forms are available outside the door to the Registrar’s Office, room 405 of 1453 Mission Street , and online on MyCIIS on the Registrars Office Forms  page
You are waitlisted in the order of enrollment. If a seat becomes available be added to the course and notified by the Registrar’s Office. If one does not become available by the Add/Drop Deadline, you will not be added, as waitlists are purged after that date.
You may attend the first class meeting if you have the instructor’s permission. If there are registrants who did not attend, the instructor may give their seats to the waitlisted students in the order they appear on the waitlist. Bring a registration form . If the instructor permits you to add, have them sign the form. Bring this to the Registrar’s Office. It will be processed only if 1) the Registrar’s Office confirms the waitlist order and 2) the capacity of the class is not exceeded.


Drops occur before the Add/Drop Deadline and have no financial repercussion. Withdrawals occur after the Add/Drop Deadline. Students who withdraw have a “W” recorded as the grade. This is not considered an unsatisfactory grade and will not place a student on academic probation.  
Depending on the date of the withdrawal some, all, or none of your semester’s aid may need to be returned to the lender. There is also a limit on the total number of courses from which you may withdraw and still be eligible for aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office at  or 415-575-6122 to inquire about your individual situation.
See "Refund" questions below.
100% of a course’s tuition charge is reversed if it is dropped on or before the Add/Drop Deadline . 75% is reversed if it withdrawn from up through the third week of the semester . 50% is reversed if withdrawn from up through the seventh week (fifth week for summer). No percentage is reversed for courses withdrawn from after the seventh week (fifth for summer). Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines. The registration fee is non-refundable.

The refund deadlines apply to all courses, regardless of their staring and ending dates.

Submit a  Financial Petition  form, and attach an explanation of why you ought to be considered for an exception to the refund deadlines. Anything which provides evidence of extenuating circumstances or your effort to follow policy are helpful, including correspondence, supporting statements, medical documentation, etc.
The committee generally meets once a week, so you can generally expect to hear back in about a week or two. Some times are busier than others and it can take longer during these periods. You can check on the status by calling 415-575-6126.  

We have unofficial and official transcripts, and both have identical information on them. We issue official transcripts in hard copy or electronically. Hard copy official transcripts are printed on transcript paper and come in a sealed envelope. Unofficial transcripts are available to current students only, and are not issued in hard copy as they may be printed from the View Grades and Transcript screen of MyCIIS (requires logging in).
To order an official transcript, submit a request online . To see your unofficial transcript, log into MyCIIS and click the View Grades and Transcript link.
Electronic transcripts are $5 each and requests are processed within two business days. Hard copy transcripts are $10 each and requests are processed within ten business days. If ten hard copy transcripts are ordered at the same time for the same destination, the fee drops to $3.50 each. There is a rush service for hard copy transcripts in which the order is processed within two business days. The bulk rate is not available for rush requests. Rush transcripts are mailed via first class mail, not overnight delivery. Rush service is not available the week before and after a semester begins. Check the academic calendar for these dates.
Privacy law prevents us from delivering transcripts this way. You can order an electronic transcript, which is downloaded from a secure website via a password that is e-mailed separately. This can take up to two business days.


We do not issue official transcripts to students who have outstanding financial obligations to CIIS. Such students will have a Business Office hold. Additionally, we do not issue official transcripts to graduating students who have not completed the financial aid exit interview, have unreturned Library materials, have unmet practicum responsibilities, or have not completed the Institute's graduation survey. Students with holds may view and print their unofficial transcripts by logging into MyCIIS and going to the View Grades and Transcript link.    

Review the Graduation Guidebook . If after reading it you still have questions, contact or 415-575-6127 .
Yes, by viewing your unofficial transcript. If the degree has been conferred you will see the conferral date after the program name at the end of the transcript.
Consult the Graduation Guidebook for this information.
Consult the Graduation Guidebook for this information.
The program certification will be sent to you after you graduate by the Counseling Psychology Program Coordinator. You do not need to submit a request. Please note, that when you submit your transcript request, request a hard copy transcript, not an electronic one, as the BBS does not accept electronic transcripts.

If you are an undergraduate student, CIIS will have applied all eligible credit from other schools toward your degree requirements. If you are a graduate student, you will need to request CIIS to do this. Submit a Transfer Credit Request Form . Be sure CIIS has the most recent transcript.
Submit a Transfer Credit Request Form indicating the specific courses at which school you’d like considered to be applied toward your degree requirements.
Contact the Admissions Office  so they can advise you on how to start the process. Be aware that there is a fee to apply to change programs and it is not refunded if the new program does not admit you. Before submitting the form, it’s best to check with the program to ensure they are accepting new students.

The deadline to dispute a grade is one semester after the one in which the course took place. (For spring courses, the deadline is the end of the following fall semester.) Discuss it with your instructor and if he or she consents to the change, submit a   Grade Change Form  to the instructor. If the instructor does not consent, submit the form to the department/program chair in which the course was housed. If the instructor was the chair, submit the form to the Dean of Academic Planning and Administration, who will appoint a chair within the same school to adjudicate the dispute. 
Submit an Incomplete Grade Request Form to your instructor. The instructor cannot accept this form after the final day of the course. No instructor is under any obligation to agree to award an incomplete.


Deadlines are determined by the instructor, but cannot exceed the Institute's maximum of one semester, including Summer. Students experiencing a significant medical issue or a family emergency may extend this to two semesters, including Summer. The Institute reserves the right to request supporting documentation before granting this extension. 
Submit a  Grade Change Form  to the instructor with your section filled out and attach the remaining coursework. The instructor cannot accept this form or the coursework after the established deadline. The instructors will then fill in the grade and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office cannot accept this form from a student. Grades are due ten business days after the Institute's maximum deadline. If the instructor does not submit the form by then, the incomplete converts to a permanent incomplete.

You can submit changes online by logging into MyCIIS and clicking “Account Information” in the upper right. Any place you see a pencil icon is a modifiable field. There are some fields that cannot be changed online, such as legal name, gender, citizenship, and date of birth. For these, submit a hard copy Personal Information Update Form along with accompanying documentation.