Log into MyCIIS, go to the Registrar tab, and click the Search and Register for Courses page. In the My Current Schedule portlet, click the View Details link. On the following page, look under the Grading Type heading. LG or LS = letter grading. PF or PS = pass/no pass.متجر جوجل بلاي
The deadline to dispute a grade is one semester after the one in which the course took place. (For spring courses, the deadline is the end of the following fall semester.) Discuss it with your instructor and if he or she consents to the change, submit a Grade Change Form  to the instructor. If the instructor does not consent, submit the form to the department/program chair in which the course was housed. If the instructor was the chair, submit the form to the Associate Provost, who will appoint a chair within the same school to adjudicate the dispute. 
Submit an Incomplete Grade Request Form to your instructor. The instructor cannot accept this form after the final day of the course. No instructor is under any obligation to agree to award an incomplete.
Deadlines are determined by the instructor, but cannot exceed the university's maximum of one semester, including Summer. Students experiencing a significant medical issue or a family emergency may extend this to two semesters, including Summer. The Institute reserves the right to request supporting documentation before granting this extension.  تحميل واتس اب
Submit a Grade Change Form  to the instructor with your section filled out and attach the remaining coursework. The instructor cannot accept this form or the coursework after the established deadline. The instructors will then fill in the grade and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office cannot accept this form from a student. Grades are due ten business days after the Institute's maximum deadline. If the instructor does not submit the form by then, the incomplete converts to a permanent incomplete.