Tuition and fees are charged upon registration and are due at that time. Financial aid recipients whose aid covers only a portion of the total charges must pay the balance at the time of registration. Any balance that will be covered by aid should not be paid in advance. Students seeking exceptions to this deadline should contact the Financial Aid Office at least one week prior to registration.
Depending on the date of the withdrawal, some, all, or none of your semester's aid may need to be returned to the lender. There is a limit on the total number of courses from which you may withdraw and still be eligible for aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office to inquire about your individual situation.
100% of a course's tuition charge is reversed if it is dropped on or before the Add/Drop Deadline. 75% is reversed if withdrawn up through the third week of the semester; 50% if by the seventh week (fifth for Summer). There is no refund after this. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific deadlines. The registration fee is non-refundable, even if all courses are dropped or withdrawn.
The refund deadlines apply to all courses, regardless of their start and end dates.
Submit a Financial Petition form, and attach an explanation of the grounds for which you should be considered for an exception to the deadline. Anything which provides evidence of serious, extenuating circumstances beyond your control, or of your effort to follow the policy are helpful, such as correspondence, supporting statements, medical documentation, etc.
 Within 30 calendar days. The Financial Petition Committee usually meets weekly, so often their decision is communicated more quickly than this, but this can't be guaranteed. If it's been longer than 30 days, contact the committee's coordinator at 415-575-6126.جوجل بلاي عربي