Registration Forms

To register for, audit, add, drop, or withdraw from courses.

(.pdf, 358K)

To register for courses during the authorized early registration window. See the catalog for eligibility criteria.

(.pdf, 268K)

For students in Counseling Psychology programs wanting to register for individual practicum or pre/post practicum.

(.pdf, 277K)

To register for an individualized course of study beyond current CIIS courses.

(.pdf, 380K)

To register for a Comprehensive Examination.

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“Special Students” are students taking courses at CIIS without being enrolled in a degree or certificate program. Use this form to apply, register for courses, and obtain the necessary permissions to do so.

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Other Forms

Degree program changes are administered through the Admissions Office.
Degree Verification for Students - check unofficial transcript
Enrollment Verification for Students - print enrollment certificate
Degree/Enrollment Verification for Third Parties - fulfilled by the National Student Clearinghouse
Graduation Application - Summer 2021 application deadline is June 23

CIIS issues one diploma upon graduation. Use this form to request an additional or replacement diploma.

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To change your advisor. Dissertation students should not use this form to change their dissertation committee members.

(.pdf, 102K)

To request the reversal of a charge for tuition or an administrative fee.

(.pdf, 122K)

To request a grade be changed.

(.pdf, 141K)

To change the grading option of a course for which you are already registered.

(.pdf, 336K)

To request a grade of “I” [Incomplete]. This form documents both your and the instructor’s consent, the remaining assignment(s), and the due date.

(.pdf, 255K)

To request a Leave of Absence (LOA) or an extension on an LOA. 

(.pdf, 159K)

To update the personal information CIIS has on record for you.

(.pdf, 154K)

To have a plan developed to return to good academic standing if you are on academic probation.

(.pdf, 171K)

To request a course substitution or waiver; to request to change to a more recent catalog’s version of your degree requirements; to request to pursue a certificate, focus, track, or thesis; or to declare your decision to no longer pursue one.

(.pdf, 135K)

To request that a course(s) you’ve taken or will take at another institution be applied toward your CIIS degree requirements.

(.pdf, 162K)

To withdraw from CIIS. Do NOT use it to withdraw from courses -- instead use the Registration Form. Do NOT use it to withdraw from a program if you are switching to another -- instead contact the Admissions Office.  

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PhD Student Forms

The forms below are not to be used by Clinical Psychology students, who can instead find dissertation forms on the PsyD program page.

Instructions and forms for completing and submitting an application for Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) approval.

(.pdf, 379K)

The Human Research Review Committee, based on recommendations from the Faculty Research Committee and the Library, has created guidelines for conceiving and navigating research during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a working document that is open to researcher and administrator input and will, by necessity, be updated as conditions change. These guidelines will sunset once in-person operations and research conditions are able to reestablish on the CIIS physical campus and in the broader world.

(.pdf, 533K)
A one-page description of when each of the PhD forms are to be used.
(.pdf, 157K)

To formulate plans to meet long-term educational and career goals, and to assess one's progress in doing so.

(.pdf, 90K)

To receive assessment of the comprehensive examination, submitting it with the finished exam to the instructor.

(.pdf, 471K)

To request approval for a person to serve on your thesis or dissertation committee.

(.pdf, 338K)

To request your thesis/dissertation proposal be assessed.

(.pdf, 187K)

To request approval of your thesis/dissertation proposal.

(.pdf, 128K)

To request your thesis/dissertation be assessed.

(.pdf, 431K)

To request your program make the arrangements for your oral defense, including announcing it to the community.

(.pdf, 202K)

To request approval of the thesis/dissertation.

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