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Registration Forms
Authorized Early Registration Form (.pdf, 116K, Downloaded:936 times)
Comprehensive Examination Contract (.pdf, 208K, Downloaded:864 times)
Independent Study Contract (.pdf, 168K, Downloaded:1501 times)
Individual or Pre/Post-Practicum Registration Form (.pdf, 121K, Downloaded:1395 times)
Prior Learning Portfolio Registration Form (.pdf, 31K, Downloaded:431 times)
Registration Form (.pdf, 359K, Downloaded:2954 times)
Special Student Application (.pdf, 327K, Downloaded:1309 times)
Other Forms
Degree program changes are administered through the Admissions Office.
Graduation Application  - REQUIRES LOGGING INTO MyCIIS - Summer 2014 application due June 25
Additional Diploma Request Form (.pdf, 115K, Downloaded:761 times)
Advisor Change Form (.pdf, 33K, Downloaded:721 times)
Directive to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form (.pdf, 37K, Downloaded:684 times)
Enrollment, Degree & GPA Verification Form (.pdf, 37K, Downloaded:1300 times)
Financial Petition Form (.pdf, 113K, Downloaded:1184 times)
Grade Change Form (.pdf, 135K, Downloaded:1792 times)
Grade Option Change Form (.pdf, 109K, Downloaded:586 times)
Incomplete Grade Request Form (.pdf, 194K, Downloaded:1540 times)
Leave of Absence Form (.pdf, 43K, Downloaded:1416 times)
Personal Information Update Form (.pdf, 30K, Downloaded:1106 times)
Plan to Return to Good Academic Standing (.pdf, 151K, Downloaded:1214 times)
Transfer Credit Request Form (.pdf, 226K, Downloaded:911 times)
Withdrawal from CIIS Form (.pdf, 37K, Downloaded:1105 times)
Thesis and Dissertation Forms
These forms are not to be used by Clinical Psychology students, who can instead find dissertation forms on the PsyD program page.
Thesis/Dissertation Forms Packet (.pdf, 511K, Downloaded:1901 times)
Click here to download all of the forms below at once.
Request for CIIS Faculty to Serve on Thesis/Dissertation Committee (.pdf, 38K, Downloaded:1414 times)
Request for Approval of Thesis/Dissertation Committee External Member (.pdf, 39K, Downloaded:1323 times)
Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Assessment by External Member (.pdf, 191K, Downloaded:1841 times)
Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Assessment by Committee Chair (.pdf, 190K, Downloaded:1145 times)
Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Approval (.pdf, 51K, Downloaded:1124 times)
Thesis/Dissertation Assessment by External Member (.pdf, 61K, Downloaded:1018 times)
Request for Oral Defense Announcement and Room Reservation (.pdf, 50K, Downloaded:927 times)
Thesis/Dissertation Approval (.pdf, 50K, Downloaded:970 times)
Human Research and Review Committee Handbook (.pdf, 411K, Downloaded:380 times)
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