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Health Insurance and Mental Health tabs

Information about the CIIS student health plan with Kaiser Permanente and the resource list for mental health services has moved to the Wellness Services section of the Student Affairs tab and requires that you log into MyCIIS.



Current students, please log in to access all pages under the Student Life tab.


Student Affairs

phone: 415-575-6158  |  fax:  415-575-1264
hours: 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Email for appointments.

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Yunny YipDean of Students 
415-655-5573 | | Room 301

Michael Sano
- Associate Dean of Students
415-655-5575 & 415-229-9736 || Room 301 & 455 Arkansas St.
Lauren Selfridge - Associate Director of Student Affairs

Jody O'Connor - Associate Director of Student Affairs, International Student Recruitment and Services

415-575-6157 | | Room 401

Sandra Williams - Career Development Manager
415-575-6118  |  | | Room 401
Hedi Vafaeenia - Student Affairs Coordinator, Student Disabilities Services
415-575-6171  |  | | Room 401
Edward Jones - Conscious Cafe Manager  | Conscious Cafe, Third Floor 
Laurel Anderson and Priya Bhogaonker - Wellness Center
Angela Anderson - Student Alliance Coordinator | | | Cubicle 408


*Office Hours: To schedule an appointment or for more information and immediate inquiries, please contact Angela directly via email. Angela's office hours shift often and students are encouraged to make an appointment via email, as the office does not have a phone line. 


Student Affairs Office
Dean Yip's Welcome Letter (.pdf, 235K)

Welcome to CIIS! This letter includes information about CIIS Fall 2016 New Student Orientation.

What does the Dean of Students Office do? (.jpg, 251K)
A visual representation of the many services available in the Dean of Students Office and affiliated programs.
Student Complaint Form (Jan 2016) (.doc, 295K)
Crime Statistics for CIIS Campus 2011-2013 (.pdf, 91K)
2009 Student Satisfaction Survey report (.pdf, 78K)
Student Resources and Documents
2016-17 Student Handbook (.pdf, 4244K)
Housing and Relocation Guide (2012) (.pdf, 2318K)



CIIS Student Worker Benefits (.pdf, 86K)
Information about 'perks' for students who are working on campus in student worker jobs.
Campus Group Registration Form (.pdf, 111K)
Parking Resources (2015) (.pdf, 204K)
Writing Support Services & Classes (.pdf, 106K)

This document lists the many services for writing assistance at CIIS.


Locker Request Form (.doc, 180K)
Locker Usage Policy Form (.doc, 182K)
CIIS Posting Policy (.pdf, 26K)

A helpful tool to assist you in posting flyers for your group or event.


Student Cash Advance

Formerly the Student Emergency Loan

Student Cash Advance form (Spring 2017) (.doc, 280K)



Healthcare Providers
Crisis Intervention Resources (.pdf, 20K)
Listing of resources (i.e., hotlines, agencies) for Individuals in Crisis, Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse, Victims of  Rape.
Therapist Referral Form (2009) (.doc, 311K)
Dear Therapist,
If you wish to be listed in our therapist referral list, kindly fill out the form, and fax/e-mail it to the Student Affairs Department through studentaffairs@ciis.eduPlease note that you may decline to answer any questions.
Financial Aid Documents
Federal Tax Benefits at a Glance (.pdf, 94K)
Guide to Tax Benefits for Higher Education (.pdf, 442K)
Student Worker Benefits--Quick Guide (.pdf, 36K)
This document hosts a list of benefits that apply to most students employed in campus jobs. The document includes information on paid sick leave, medical care reimbursement funds and free audits. Please refer to the Student Employment Handbook for details for student employment at CIIS. (updated 2012)
Information on eligibility for free tax preparation services (.pdf, 128K)
Tax Preparation Workshop from March 2, 2010: presentation slides (.pdf, 518K)

General slides including space for your own notes.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Information
Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Options Workshop Presentation Slides (.ppt, 2906K)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Workshop Handout 03-09-12 (.pdf, 68K)
Other Forms and Information
Incident Report Form (.pdf, 93K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Use Discretion When Posting
Please be aware that what you post in the Bulletin Board area can be seen by anyone, including the public. As such, we recommend that you refrain from including too much personal information, such as your telephone number, address, etc. (Only CIIS students may post messages.)
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