Annual Security Report

CIIS’s Annual Security Report is designed to provide you with important information about the safety and security on our campus.  In addition to outlining the details of the many programs the University offers community members, the report also contains statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, and on public property within; or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.


CIIS encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes. All of CIIS investigative efforts begin in most cases with the reporting of an incident using our incident report form and may, if necessary, also include filing a police report and other recommended actions.

All students, faculty, and staff members of CIIS are strongly encouraged to report any criminal activity that occurs on campus to the security officers, facilities, human resources or Student Affairs personnel. In emergency situations, the campus community is asked to first dial 9-1-1, and then notify the security officer. CIIS provides this encouragement with signage in every classroom, semi-annual notices that include safety tips intended to heighten awareness of their surroundings and be more vigilant at all times of protecting themselves and their possessions.

CIIS will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of a threat of violence, crime or suspicious activity on campus.  CIIS does not have any officially recognized student organizations with off-campus locations. However, we do have five counseling clinics for students in counseling practicum, which are located throughout the city. As these are leased, each clinic has security and safety procedures, determined by the building and property management of the location. These sites are monitored by the Field Placement Office, and any incidents are reported by the Director of Field Placement.

CIIS encourages everyone to report any crime, even if there is no intention of pursuing legal action. All threats of (or actual) violence, both direct and indirect, should be reported as soon as possible to an immediate supervisor, CIIS Security Officers or any other member of management. Victims of a crime who do not want to pursue action within CIIS or the criminal justice system, can file a confidential incident report on the details of the incident without revealing personal identity. CIIS strives to keep an accurate record of the number of incidents, determine where there is a pattern of crime with regard to a particular location, method, or assailant, and alert the campus community to potential danger. Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the annual crimes statistics for the institution.


Reporting Procedures:

If you are a student who believes there has been an incident of possible sexual misconduct against a CIIS student by another student, faculty or staff member, or visitor of CIIS, or any other person, you should report such conduct as follows:


Emergency and Off-Campus Reporting Options:

  • For Emergencies call: 9-1-1
  • City of San Francisco Police Department: Emergency: 415.553.8090
  • San Francisco Women Against Rape 24-hour helpline: 415.647.RAPE (7273)
  • Bay Area Women Against Rape 24-hour hotline: 510.845.7273
  • National Domestic Violence hotline: 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)
  • La Casa de La Madres: 24-hour crisis support hotline: For adults: 1.877.503.1850; for teens: 877.923.0700
  • A Safe Place, Inc.: 24-hour crisis hotline: 510.536.7233(SAFE)
  • San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center: 24-hour Rape Treatment Center: 415.206.8000


Note: The Title IX Coordinator will assist students who wish to make a report to law enforcement authorities in doing so if the student so chooses. Students may also chose to decline to notify law enforcement authorities; however, as explained below, CIIS may be required by law to report incidents that involve violence, hate violence, and/or sexual assault, to law enforcement authorities, including those incidents that occur on-campus and off-campus.


Reporting Options Here at the Institute –- These Are Encouraged and Welcomed:

Incident(s) of past sexual misconduct or concerns about future incidents that affect any CIIS student should be initially reported as follows:

  •  By submitting a written complaint by email to the Intake Officer Designated for Students: Yunny Yip, Dean of Students: 415.655.5573 or