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Is a student-run organization that supports students' needs by promoting their involvement in all levels of the CIIS community. Its mission is to facilitate communication, sponsor events, and distribute funds to promote the good of the community within CIIS.

Student Union working mission includes:

  • A supportive, collaborative, and connected student community.
  • Funding opportunities for students through the Professional Development Grants.
  • An integral governance structure that facilitates open and transparent communication among students, faculty, staff, and administration in proactive and collaborative manner.
  • A celebratory environment in which CIIS students can share their successes and support one another in accomplishing their goals. 

For questions, please email For student group listing, please see Student Groups.


1.   START A NEW GROUP:  Student groups contribute to the range of activities and perspectives that can enrich the overall academic experience of students.  The process is easy! Fill out the New Student Group Registration (form can be found under the handouts section of this page or here) and submit it to Student Union will confirm your registration by email and is available to assist you with your concerns/questions.


2. INTEGRAL STUDENT GOVERNANCE: Integral Student Governance represents all aspects and every phase of CIIS experience by creating and implementing projects that aim to make connections within CIIS community. if you are interested in being one of the student representatives, email First Student Representative meeting is on Friday, September 21st, 12-1:30 in Room 560. Virtual participation is available, email


3.  COMMUNITY BUILDING FELLOWSHIP: Student Union has exciting news to share with all current students who are looking for opportunities to grow and enhance the CIIS student experience (online and in-person) and to cultivate their community building expertise here, at CIIS! More information about the fellowship can be found here!


4.  CONFERENCE FUNDING FORM: Electronic Form is available below. Each semester, Student Union has funds set aside to help students attend relevant academic conferences, either as attendees or presenters. The award does not cover participation in events associated with course work. All awards are disbursed after student has attended their proposed conference at the end of the semester.

Application deadlines:
In order to be eligible for funding in Fall Semester, request must be submitted by December 1, 2018.
In order to be eligible for funding in Spring Semester, request must be submitted by May 31, 2019.

Conference funding is available as follows:

  • Bay Area Conference Participant – ($100 or less)
  • National/International Conference Participant – ($250 or less)
  • National Presenter – ($500 or less)
  • International Presenter – ($800 or less)

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Any registered student in good standing is eligible to apply for conference funding. One approved application per student per academic year.
  • Conferences must occur between June 2018 – May 2019.
  • The award does not cover participation in events associated with course work.
  • There is a limit of one award per student, per academic year, and there is no guarantee that a conference funding request will be approved. However, we strongly encourage you to apply.
  • Expenses will be reimbursed after the conference. We require that you upload all requested documentation in form such as attendance confirmation, receipts, etc. Please save all the original receipts. You will need to mail the originals or visit our office to submit them in person.
  • The approval process can take 2-4 business weeks after the application is received. Students will be notified of the decision during that timeframe.
  • Student Union will send out an announcement about Conference Funding Request at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Please check your student's MyMail email for updates! For questions, please email


2017-2018 Conferences Awarded: 

~Beyond Psychedelics~Joseph Sandler Research
~World Sanskrit
~Sports Acupunture Alliance Summit
~International Association for the study of sexuality, culture and society XI conference: Braking bounderies
~Jungian Society for Scholary Studies, Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability
~AASECT 50th Annual Conference: Bridging the Divide: Shedding Light on the Taboos and pleasures of sexuality
~Intersections of Gender, Race, Class, and Activism
~ Bowen Center for the Study of the Family
~Feminist Debates on Migration, Inequalities & Resistance
~Poetry Therapy in a Changeing World: Pathways to Growth, Healing, and Social Justice
~The 2nd Int’l Symposium on Interality Studies Beijing
~Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP)
~Psychological Association 125th Annual Conference
~The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE®)
~Association of Black Psychologists 50th Annual International Convention
~American Conference of Irish Studies Annual Meeting - Environments of Irish Studies
~Gnostic America Conference
~A case for a Cubana Mothering Epistemology – Emancipatory thought in the Caribbean.



Student Union Team email :

Wednesday, November 14, 2018




What is your role at the Conference :

  • Presenter
  • Participant
  • Other
Choose a file

Please read and check the following boxes :

  • I understand that as a recipient of Student Union Funds, I may be expected to present on my experience at a Student Union meeting and/or event.
  • I agree to allow Student Union and CIIS Student Affairs to promote and publish your award and conference/event information via Student Union and CIIS communication channels (newsletter, website, board meetings, etc.)
  • I understand Student Union does not fund any activity associated with course credit and/or program requirements.
  • All awards are taxable. If a taxpayer receives more than $600 from CIIS in one calendar year, we are required to file a 1099 with the IRS.
  • I have read and agree to the Student Union Funding Guidelines.








Community Building Fellowship Description

(.pdf, 252K)