Is a student-run organization that supports students' needs by promoting their involvement in all levels of the CIIS community. Its mission is to facilitate communication, sponsor events, and distribute funds to promote the good of the community within CIIS.

Student Union working mission includes:

  • A supportive, collaborative, and connected student community.
  • Funding opportunities for students through the Professional Development Grants.
  • An integral governance structure that facilitates open and transparent communication among students, faculty, staff, and administration in proactive and collaborative manner.
  • A celebratory environment in which CIIS students can share their successes and support one another in accomplishing their goals. 

For questions, please email For student group listing, please see Student Groups.



1.   START A NEW GROUP:  Student groups contribute to the range of activities and perspectives that can enrich the overall academic experience of students.  The process is easy! Fill out the New Student Group Application and submit it to Student Union will confirm your registration by email and is available to assist you with your concerns/questions. Application can  be found under handouts

2. INTEGRAL STUDENT GOVERNANCE: Integral Student Governance represents all aspects and every phase of CIIS experience by creating and implementing projects that aim to make connections within CIIS community. If you are interested in being one of the student representatives, email

3.  COMMUNITY PROJECT LEAD formerly known as COMMUNITY BUILDING FELLOWSHIP: Student Union has exciting news to share with all current students who are looking for opportunities to grow and enhance the CIIS student experience (online and in-person) and to cultivate their community building expertise here, at CIIS! More information about the fellowship can be found here!

4. STUDENT UNION FELLOW: The Student Union Fellows promote a sense of community within Student Union and the wider CIIS student community while serving to enhance the development and social growth of all students. More information about the fellowship can be found here!


The conference funding applications for Spring 2021 are now closed. If you attend any conference from May 20 until the end of Summer you can apply for a funding in Fall 2021.

Electronic Form is available below. Each semester, Student Union has funds set aside to help students attend relevant academic conferences, webinars, virtual workshops either as attendees or presenters. Before applying, please make sure to review the eligibility guidelines and general information about the funding below.  

You may apply for funding if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a registered student and in good standing.
  • You already presented your research work at a conference or attended the conference as a participant.
  • You can provide confirmation from the conference stating that your research/abstract was accepted for presentation or confirmation of registration as participant. 
  • Your conference  occurred between June 2020 – May 2021.

Funding Information: 

  • Your award is disbursed after you attended your conference. This means that you are responsible for conference related fees upfront and necessary receipts and confirmations.
  • The funding only covers your airfare, car mileage in lieu of airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and registration. 
  • The award does not cover participation in events associated with course work.
  • There is a limit of one award per student, per academic year, and there is no guarantee that a conference funding request will be approved. However, we strongly encourage you to apply.
  • Expenses will be reimbursed after the conference. We require that you upload all requested documentation and receipts in the electronic form below or email directly to Please save all the original receipts. 
  • The approval process can take 2-4 business weeks. Students will be notified of the decision once application and documents have been approved.
  • Please check your student's MyMail email for updates! For questions, please email


Student Union Team email :

Fall Conference Reimbursement Form is now closed for Fall 2019. Spring & Summer 2020 Application will be available on January 20, 2020. Thank you!


Ishita Pahoja - Drama Therapy, Office Hours: Thursday 11am -12pm PST
Lara Morales Daitter - Somatic Psychology, Office Hours: Thursday 11am -12pm PST
Manu Multani - Anthropology and Social Change, Office Hours: Friday 8:30am -9:30am PST
Navi Somerville - Transformative Studies, Office Hours: Monday 11am-12pm PST
Prashanth Mani - East-West Psychology, Office Hours: Friday 10am –11am PST

To schedule an appointment with fellows: please email


Community Mental Health: Madhvi Trivedi-Pathak
Ecology, Spirituality, & Religion: Alison Lambert
East-West Psychology: Kalen Aradia
Human Sexuality: Trish Whitfield & Emily Owens-Edington
Integrative Health Studies: Grace Carosio
School of Undergraduate Studies: Daniel Duarte
Somatic Psychology: Grishma Gautam
Transformative Inquiry: Micheal Hooker
Women Spirituality: Tayla Ealom




BREATHE Pantry Student Group is an opportunity to connect with and serve our CIIS/ACTCM community through the recognition of food insecurity on campus and its related hardships, as well as providing space for the celebration of nutritional exchange. The goal of the group is to enlist participation through communal upkeep of spaces and the solicitation of donations as well as the planning and sponsoring of events offering resources and conversations throughout the year on a variety of food related topics. This student group seeks to engage students, staff, faculty and our broader CIIS/ACTCM communities in a collective effort to support and thrive in the Bay Area and beyond!

Golden Gate Slam will create an intersectional space for performance poetry on campus that uplifts marginalized voices and the world of CIIS spoken word with the outside poetry world by collaborating with local slam communities on open mics, workshops and competitions.  We will bring outside poets in to teach workshops on writing and performance as well as for features.  The club will create a space for deconstruction of hard conversations and topics and their relationship to art.  We hope to support students in learning from the larger poetry community by attending competitions and festivals that bring the community together. 

The CIIS Green Team provides leadership for CIIS as an institution in the area of sustainability by embodying ecological justice, cultivating reciprocal relationships, and inviting play and pleasure into ecological accountability. We are committed to transforming our community’s consciousness through a holistic ecological focus that engages global paradigm shifts and enables action.

Our mission is to offer CIIS students with support on impact-oriented projects, while creating a space that nurtures integral leadership and creativity in order to build and sustain a community that thrives on transdisciplinary change making. Our vision is to have a student-led incubator that provides sustained support and funding to students who are utilizing an entrepreneurial toolkit to facilitate and nurture the Integral paradigm.

The Pan-African Students Union is an organization led by students of CIIS who self-identify within the African diaspora. This organization provides opportunities for interaction with students, faculty, administration, and alumni across CIIS’ diverse programs to promote and foster social, educational, political and therapeutic support for personal and professional development.  

Queering CIIS is a group of LGBTQIA+ identified and questioning students and community members who meet weekly in the interest of providing support for one another, discussing current issues affecting the queer CIIS community and continuing to exchange ideas for building a more inclusive organization to fulfill everyone’s ever changing needs. During quarantine, The club meets weekly via zoom and is lead in an activity such as guided meditation, presentations or writing prompts hosted by a different member each week followed by as open check in. All are welcome.

We are a group of people who experience and/or are interested in generating awareness, discussion and integration of spiritual emergence and other extraordinary experiences/phenomena in the CIIS and community. Our hope is to give voice to and empower people's psychological and spiritual experiences that have been marginalized, pathologized, silenced, and/or oppressed.

We are a student group inspired to celebrate the joys and acknowledge the challenges of studying and working at CIIS.  We meet monthly to promote visibility, advocacy and action.  


We are a group of Mandarin speaking students in CIIS. We aim at exploring and supporting students growing and healing process in CIIS

TASC hosts informal student dinners, student-run academic and experiential workshops, and talks by invited speakers related to Asian Studies topics of all kinds: secular and sacred, autochthonous and diasporic, elements of "high" and "popular" culture. Through the above activities we hope to: (1) Foster collegiality and cooperation across departments amongst students with an interest in Asian Studies. (2) Hone mutual support and constructive critique of one another's writing, research, and presentation. (3) Foster and nurture connection between CIIS and other institutions of higher learning.

We are a group dedicated to the support and growth of CIIS students and prospective students who are Veterans of the armed forces from any country. Coming back to academia or navigating it for the first time as a Veteran can be a challenge, possibly even more so at CIIS, the Hogwarts of the academic world. There are new acronyms to learn, you might get to sleep in past 6am, and you can even make your own schedule. We exist to create a cohesive community of belonging, a space to share experiences and resources, and an opportunity to connect with others. We welcome everyone, whether you are a Veteran or are simply curious to meet those who once wore the uniform.