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Is a student-run organization that supports students' needs by promoting their involvement in all levels of the CIIS community. Its mission is to facilitate communication, sponsor events, and distribute funds to promote the good of the community within CIIS.


Student Union working mission includes:

  • A supportive, collaborative, and connected student community.
  • Funding opportunities for students through the Professional Development Grants.
  • An integral governance structure that facilitates open and transparent communication among students, faculty, staff, and administration in proactive and collaborative manner.
  • A celebratory environment in which CIIS students can share their successes and support one another in accomplishing their goals. 

For questions, please email For student group listing, please see Student Groups.

Conference Funding Information:
Each semester, Student Union has funds set aside to help students attend relevant academic conferences, either as attendees or presenters. The award does not cover participation in events associated with course work. All awards are disbursed after student has attended their proposed conference at the end of the semester.

Conference funding is available as follows:

  • Bay Area Conference Participant – ($100 or less)
  • National/International Conference Participant – ($250 or less)
  • National Presenter – ($500 or less)
  • International Presenter – ($800 or less)

Please submit your Spring Semester Conference Funding Request Form no later than Friday, May 25th.

About You


Submission Date :

Sunday, May 27, 2018



First Name :


Last Name :


Email Address :

Contact & Mailing Address


Street Address 1 :


Street Address 2 :


City :


State :


ZipCode :


Contact Phone Number :

Your Academic Information


Academic Program :


Number of years at CIIS :


Academic Status 


Please list all the Student Union funding you have received over the last 2 years:


If these funds are for a team effort, please list the other members of the team and their ID numbers on the back of this form.

Your Narrative

Please complete the following sections and attach to the application form:
Part 1: Please answer each of the following questions. (Please submit approx 250 Word Per Question)


Please Submit your abstract / Purpose of Attending the conference :


How is your conference participation applicable to your course of study? :


What do you plan to accomplish through your conference participation? :


What activities and/or other involvement at CIIS and/or other affiliated organizations support your involvement in the proposed conference? :


How do you plan to share your experience and/or build partnerships via the conference with the CIIS community upon your return? :

Purpose of Award


Title of Conference, Dates, location, other details :


What is your role at the Conference :

Supporting Documentation

  • + Attach supporting documents for confirmation of attendance. For presenters, attach Acceptance Letter to Present.

Student Budget Template downloadable Form =>

Please upload in a single consolidated file of your supporting documents and  Conference Budget.


Please upload the document.

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What you agreement to


Please read and check the following boxes :



Signature here :

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.