How can you make real money on the Internet without investing?


As of today, he doesn't make money on the Internet unless he's lazy. It is important only to find your niche where you will feel comfortable and be able to show your abilities. You have a talent for writing, singing beautifully, you like to blog, write music or take amazing, deep photos - you can earn on this. Selling services or goods is a real chance to make money without financial investment.


Do you know what are the legal ways to make real money online? In the article we will give you several effective ways to earn money, which will allow you to get a decent income without leaving home, without waking up on the alarm clock, working at a convenient time for you.


The Internet as a spider web wove the whole world, and many resourceful people have long made money on it. But, despite this, the question of how to make money on the Internet, not only does not lose its relevance, but also remains one of the most common. Regular customers of the Internet, housewives, young mothers, students, including specialists with high income, are interested in getting real income from scratch, which offers many online resources. And it is quite clear what to waste time, you can turn free minutes into real money, doing what you like. And a couple of extra dollars to pay for utilities and other small expenses will not hurt anyone.


It is worth saying that in order to become an online entrepreneur and make money on the Internet. It's not enough to want to. You need accurate information on how to do this, it is important to choose the right niche, which is 100% will bring income. And since most of us do not have such knowledge about legal opportunities to earn money on the Internet, we are easily caught by the rod of fraudsters.


However, this is no reason to give up. There is money on the Internet, and we will tell you several ways to get it, giving in return your knowledge, skills, abilities. So, what can you do to earn online without investing?


Blogging as a way to make money online.

Blogging is a popular trend among people of all ages, gaining momentum. But this activity is attractive not only because it gives the opportunity to show their personal qualities, to win the authority and fans, but a real chance to make money without leaving home.


Blogging - is actually keeping an online diary, available to other Internet users. When you get to the pages of bloggers, you come across a sea of advertising. It can annoy us, and the blogger gets real money for it.


It wouldn't be hard to create a blog for today. Many popular platforms offer free services in this direction. But to create an online page where people will go, it's only half the business. It is important to fill it with useful, interesting information that will retain existing visitors and attract new ones.


The easiest way to blog on a topic that you are interested in. Over time, the number of visitors per day will reach 100 or more people, so it's time to try to post online ads. Where can I get them? You can get ads that will generate revenue on Google AdSense and


To create a quality blog with a good level of income will still have to spend a little to buy a domain name, hosting and creative template on WordPress.


Who cares, Google has 95% of its profits from advertising and gives the opportunity to earn on this other, the same bloggers.


In order to become a successful blogger, you need: knowledge of the language, the ability to interestingly present information and their thoughts, basic knowledge of coding, SEO-optimization. But the main thing is to have a good understanding of the chosen topic.


What is the income from blogging?

The blogger's earnings depend on different points, so there is no need to talk about specific figures. With traffic of about 1 thousand visitors per day, really earn up to $ 30 per day.  Competitive themes and storytelling in English increase the level of income. As the number of visitors increases, so does the income of the blogger. Much depends on web traffic and the selected model of monetization of the page.


It is believed that an affiliate marketing strategy (placing affiliate links on the site) generates more revenue than working with Google AdSense. Here you can argue, although there are no universal recommendations, as there are no two identical blogs. The price per click on advertising in ranges from $ 0.02-0.1 (the more clicks from different people, the higher your income), but as clients with expensive advertising will appear, and the earnings of the blogger will grow.


In England, America, Canada, thanks to the entrepreneurial approach, the income of many bloggers are numbers with 6 zeros. Starting with a regular blog, they turn pages into content and media companies, as Huffington Post and Mashable did. India's renowned blogger, Amit Agarwal, earns hundreds of thousands of rupees per month by devoting 8 hours or more per day to his favourite activities.


The blogger's earnings depend directly on the time spent on the online diary, but it is worth it.


Online earning opportunities on Google AdSense

Such a huge inexhaustible resource as Google AdSense allows you to earn $100-500 per day, provided the site is promoted. Some American bloggers have several thousand "green" from such cooperation. In this case, the profit directly depends on the cost of a click. In Europe and America, it is high, which explains such a high level of income. But everything is in your hands: create a blog on your favorite topic, increase your professionalism, find your fans and earn money.


2. Theme design for websites and online stores...

Appearance of the site or blog - it's not just a shell, and the ability to influence the consciousness of visitors, so without the quality of the theme (template) is not done here. If you are a creative person, have a sense of style and the so-called "sixth" sense, familiar with the method of creating high-quality topics, you can safely try yourself in design. Ready-made themes can be sold on specialized sites (WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) or create for this case your site without investing a lot of money.


However, for such a profit you need the appropriate knowledge and skills: understanding the basics of web design, good taste, knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ability to work in Photoshop, and of course the requirements of the target platform.


What is the earnings from the theme design?

Depending on the quality of the created theme, its cost may vary between $10-100. By selling 10 copies, you get $100-1000, and so on an accrual. Development of individual topics under the order - a separate conversation, here already the price is negotiable, which is usually even higher than these.


3. Earning online with the help of online lessons and courses

You don't have to have a teaching diploma to become a teacher on the Internet. If you have a wealth of knowledge in a particular subject (and you can teach almost anything), you can pass it on to others, conducting online lessons and making real money. No skills and experience working with an audience? Everything will come in time.


How to start such work? For example, with the help of special services Booksrun, SkillsShare and Udemy. Register, create courses on the topic you are interested in: cookery, technical, language, design (yes, not many different topics!) and sell them to those who want. People subscribe to your course, get the information they need, and you get the money.


What you need to become an online teacher: be sure to know the topic perfectly (otherwise sales will be small), the ability to work in popular graphics editors and create videos that increase interest in the course.


4. Writing electronic books

You have an interesting story, your head is full of creative ideas, you know a lot of opportunities to realize yourself or earn money? Share this information on the pages of the e-book. Any product has its buyer, so whatever topic you choose, someone will find it interesting and useful to spend their blood on it. And the more unique information in the book, which is of interest to many, the higher will be the income from its sale.


Without paper and pen, start writing a book in MS Word right now, without worrying about where to find a publisher. With Amazon's Kindle, Google Play Store and iBooks, you can print and sell your own books both electronically and in print. The more reviews you get, the better your chances to sell textbooks


A printed version of the book is easy to order from Lulu, which also sells your ideas. Printed copies of books also sell online resources such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and some others.


5. Sale of copyrighted goods online

It's an income for creative people. Do you like to draw, are you into design or photography? And did you know that your hobby can bring quite a decent income?


Your paintings and photos can be popular and decorate clothes or household items: cups, bags and so on. Your design can be used to make nice gifts that are successfully sold online. At the same time, all you need from you is an idea in electronic form. Services such as Zazzle, CafePress and Threadless help you earn on your abilities.


You create and register on the service your online store, develop and improve the catalog of paintings, photos, design templates. Buyer chooses the right product and the element he likes from the catalog, pays, and you get a portion of this money.


6. How to make money on the Internet on a YouTubе Channel

Even unregistered users of YouTube periodically watch videos from this popular channel. This is the largest online video sharing service. And many videos are filmed by people like us, ordinary people on video cameras and mobile phones, and then they make money.


You don't get much money for watching a video, but creating a monetized video (even if it consists of pictures), you can easily and easily improve your financial situation. Interesting videos uploaded to the Web, where every minute hundreds of thousands of Internet users sit, quickly gaining popularity, which is reflected in the number of views. On such videos video channel puts advertising, with which you get an income, without wasting either time or money.


However, to increase the popularity of video will have to pick up an interesting topic, as well as to give some advertising (for example, in social networks) to quickly gain views. Particularly popular today are animated videos, online courses, seminars, culinary videos.


Want to earn more, you will sometimes have to tear off the fifth point of the chair and go into the "field" in search of interesting stories. You will also need skills to use the camera, create a variety of videos, knowledge of video editing software. Although sometimes a school video shot on the phone is more popular than a professional video on how to replace a burned bulb or solve complex mathematical problems.


What's the limit on how much money you can get from YOUTUBE?

Have you seen how many subscribers dial into individual channels where people just share their cooking recipes? This suggests that their videos are interesting to people, they are waiting for new videos of this author. And did you know that by recruiting 1 million subscribers, an author of a video can earn 100-300 thousand dollars per month. Isn't it worth it?

It is clear that in order to recruit so many subscribers you need to work hard, selecting useful information interesting to people, showing creativity, using personal charm. But this work is quite justified, because it allows you to live with dignity.


Method 7: Search for various online jobs

Today, there are many online freelance exchanges, where some people (customers) offer work and others (performers) perform it for a fee. Usually such work is done remotely, using a computer, although there are different options and suggestions. The most popular areas are: web design, creation and promotion of sites, software, writing articles (rewrite and copyright), proofreading and editing of texts, business development on the Internet. But this does not mean that for you will not find another job that will match your knowledge and skills.


Upwork, TaskRabbit and some other sites help virtual meetings of customers and performers. At the same time, both sides are in a winning position. Here you can find single orders (online or in real life, for example, help with transportation) or get a permanent job. Applying to the freelance exchanges, you rely on your knowledge and skills.

Method 8: Translation of texts

This option is a great opportunity to earn decent money for those who speak foreign languages. Translation services are in great demand today. is considered to be the leader among the sites offering translation services, where there are always many orders and the opportunity to choose the rate yourself. The work is done remotely on your computer, the order is sent through the site. Similar earnings are also offered by,,,,


Method 9: earnings on transcription

There are several ways to work: listen to the audio and watch the video, and then present their content in a text file, retype handwritten text, recognize and print text from receipts, receipts, etc. Despite its seeming ease, it is a painstaking work that requires attention, patience, language and other skills.


Work that is beyond the power of a computer without human intelligence can be found on services exchanges like Upwork, as well as a special service Amazon Mechanical Turks. The cost of the task is determined by the customer, and you decide whether to take on this robot.


Method 10: Earning online on affiliate ads

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new line of business in the Internet, which is gaining popularity very quickly due to the relative ease of earning. If you successfully run your blog or website, this option of income is quite available to you. Working with other entrepreneurs, you place their links on your resource and thus win both you and your partners.


This type of income is similar to advertising Google AdSense, but there you get a fixed amount per click, and here the percentage of sales. So, a person should not just follow a link on your page, but also buy a product to get your money. If the product is well sold, then the income is very decent without your personal participation and financial costs.


You can search for affiliate advertising on your own or go to special services like ShareASale or Commission Junction with a wide range of different offers, including well-known brands. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart offer affiliate programs where you can also make good money.

Also you can promote sites which sell or rent out books for example Booksrun, which have very good affiliate program. 

Selecting affiliate advertising, it is worth to focus on the subject of the site, which increases the level of sales, as interested people come in.


Method 11: sell your products (new and used)

We all have things at home that have become unnecessary for a variety of reasons. And throwing them away is pathetic, and I don't want to stand in the market. And why throw "money" in the garbage when you can sell it online? Services such as OLX or Cragilist are happy to help someone sell things that have become unnecessary, and someone to buy what they were looking for. Here you can sell absolutely everything with a computer or mobile phone, because for each product will find its buyer.


Method 12: How about "bend"?

For programmers, this is a unique opportunity for one-time extra income. We take the proposed project, build it from scratch, test it and give it to the customer, getting for it decent money.


Offers to "bite" in the assortment can be found on the site of Freelancer or other online exchanges (Guru, Upwork, TaskRabbit, etc.), which has been proven for many years of work.


Method 13: create Internet links

Blogging and writing a book requires effort and time, which wears many out and causes them to give up this income. An alternative is to submit content in the form of an electronic journal, which also requires no investment. You just need to set up a newsletter and offer Internet users to subscribe to it.


You can create and manage your newsletter by using specialized websites such as Aweber or MailChimp. If you are on your feet, you can include advertising in the newsletter, earning extra money, or offer your own information products, designer products, etc.

Method 14: Business on a hobby

Today author's products made by own hands are very popular. Cute knitted things, creative homemade bags, painted vases, author's clay products, jewelry, handmade dolls, a variety of toys and much more can be found on sites specializing in the sale of copyright products. People are tired of stamping, so copyright products, reflecting an individual vision of the world, will always find a buyer.


Social networks (VK, Facebook, Instagram), as well as websites such as ArtFire and Etsy, where people are looking for creative ideas for gifts for friends, relatives, colleagues, cute things for interior design, unique things and inventions useful in the economy, will help to sell the fruits of their work and creative impulses. People with a steady creative potential can create their own online store.


Method 15: Voice as a tool for making money

A person with a well-defined voice and clear diction can easily earn money on voice-over. Orders can be different, so demand can be considered as a deep baritone, and a high soprano and other possible options. The main thing is good diction, so that the speech is legible, and knowledge of language (ability to read without errors).


Texts of e-books, news, various stories while watching a video are often read not by professional speakers, but by people who know and want to use their voice, teaching for this fee.


You can search for voice orders on Umano, VoiceBunny, Voice123 services with good reviews. Now all you have to do is to get quality recording equipment and start earning money like professionals.


Mode 16: help with studies

Creation of courses, lectures, seminars for online learning is a troublesome thing. In addition, creating a full course requires accurate knowledge, plan, logical presentation of information, search for techniques that would make the course more attractive in the eyes of people. If you are not ready for this, but have a desire to help students and students successfully chew granite science, the online tutoring - what you need to earn.


Take your time printing mountains of tutoring ads and stock up on glue, sites like and help online tutors and their clients meet for mutual benefit. This can be as one-time assistance in preparing homework or as an ongoing effort to improve children's learning from different fields. Read also: How to find cheap textbooks 

Method 17: selling unique photos

Probably not easier to find a popular site where there is not a single photo than a needle in a haystack. But these photos are taken by people, and they are not always professional photographers. If you like to take pictures and you know how to catch the same unique frame that does not require words and comments, you can safely join those who help fill the Internet resources useful and interesting photos.


Given the various topics of the sites and the requirement for the uniqueness of the photo, it is safe to say that photos, including successful selfies, can and will bring income. Finding a buyer for your photo masterpieces is easy on specialized sites: iStockPhoto, CreativeMarket and depositphotos. And do not doubt your abilities, never once tried them in business.

Method 18: Selling sites, domains, mobile applications

There are people who are professionally engaged in creating and selling websites and have a good profit from it. But that's just one way to earn that kind of money. You can get a one-time profit without knowing the basics of site building. If you are the owner of a site that does not bring income or was just abandoned for lack of time and energy, it is possible to sell it and return some of the money spent on promotion.


You will ask: who needs a resource that does not bring income? But it's not even about the resource, it's about its domain name. A domain is the address of your site, which you "rent" on hosting servers. Without a domain, no one could have accessed your site. A person who wants to create your resource, too, should worry about "residence", which can not be borrowed. A domain on good hosting, like an apartment in the city center, is not cheap. On the Internet there are services similar to real estate exchanges, where you can contact about the sale of the domain (Flippa, Sedo, GoDaddy Auctions), offering an initial price. Your domain will be auctioned and the initial price may increase by a factor of several. So even on a useless, unnecessary site you can also make money.


By the way, the reason that the owners of sites and blogs quickly "burn out" is often too much zeal at the start, when a person gives up his business day. It is worth starting with a part-time job, and when the time will be promoted and the blog will bring income, you can switch to full-time employment.


Method 19: Testing sites

Any new product must be tested before it can enter the wide network. Webmasters and companies that create new websites and online games that introduce updates also offer to test their new 'babies' by paying for such work. What could be simpler: you test the site and leave feedback to the owner. And that's the only thing you get paid for.


Such an easy job can be found on the site UserTesting. But you should keep in mind that in order to make your earnings permanent, you need not just "sing praises", and write useful feedback to the owner, which will help him to bring the work with the site to perfection.


Method 20: Create music and make money on it.

Not everyone is destined to become famous composers, but many could easily try themselves in creating musical compositions, especially those who have musical instrument skills and musical ears. There's a talent for this - write whole songs, and if your abilities are more modest, start by creating slices and ringtones.


How do you make money on this and where do you offer your creations? On the Internet there are online shops, where you can sell music of their own production in MP3 format. Examples of such online services are iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and others. And useful resources DistroKid and will help to save your authorship when placing music files on these services.

Method 21: Money for posts

Are you a specialist in medicine, education, business, technology, etc., and do not know where else to apply your knowledge beyond your main place of work? This idea is for you. Many successful bloggers use outside experts to promote their project. Firstly, it expands the range of topics under consideration, secondly, it saves time, thirdly, it helps to inject a fresh jet, refreshing information and helping to increase profits from the resource.


The guest writer is an author who writes authoritative posts for bloggers using their knowledge. True, to become a sought after author, you need to perfectly master the subject of which you write. You can't splurge on superficial articles, nobody will.


Mode 22: participation in online surveys

Don't jump to the conclusion that this is a clean water divorce. When information about how to make money on the Internet, filling out questionnaires, it was treated with a lot of skepticism: do they pay money for it?


As of today, no one can be surprised by the fact that companies engaged in sociological research are ready to pay for participation in social surveys, as they do in reality, hiring people to conduct such events. Millions of dollars are allocated to us for these purposes, the percentage of which can also go into your pocket.


Making money online in online surveys is easy and takes only a few minutes. But where can I find the kind of polls that pay for? It's easier and more reliable to do it on The Opinion Panel, OnePoll, Toluna, MySurvey, Vivatic, YouGov and SurveyBods. You register on one or more of them and regularly receive polls, for participation in which you are paid through PayPal or offer vouchers of popular trading platforms, where you can buy something useful and desirable for yourself.


How profitable is it to take part in online surveys?

Usually the cost of one survey does not exceed $2, so you can't count on fabulous earnings. In addition, to get money (but more often than not a gift) will have to work hard to collect a certain amount of points (the work is evaluated in points, which then determine the amount of earnings or gift.).

Mode 23: conduct internet research

This job is for those who spend days surfing the Internet, traveling through different sites. You ask, is it really possible to get money for this too? Yes, you can. Some organizations periodically need to monitor certain topics. It makes no sense to keep a specialist in the state for this purpose, so they attract people from outside.


There are no special skills required for such work. The main thing is attentiveness (an eye) and the ability to logically present the results of monitoring different resources, choosing the main one and screening out the secondary one (by the way, it perfectly develops intelligence). Usually it is not an essay on a free theme, but a presentation according to a certain form, for which one pays a lot. Even more can be earned on the Internet without investment, getting unique information from sources other than the Internet.


Method 24: Creating summaries and summaries of the news

This way of earning money on the Internet without investment is somewhat similar to the previous one, but the main emphasis is on news resources. You get a specific topic and select different news on it. Your task is to summarize the main points of the news, having worked out the selected materials, and by the end of the day to pass the information to the customer, receiving a reward for this.


Who needs it? People who have to make important decisions and make responsible conclusions. Usually these are busy people who do not have time to process large amounts of information. In addition, not all of it is of great value. If any of the information you provide will be of particular interest to the customer, you can earn extra money by writing a detailed article on this topic.


Some companies recruit people for this kind of work on a permanent basis, offering a stable salary (up to 4000 $), others simply offer one-time orders.


How do I get what I earn online?

The optimal way to get money (and at some point it starts coming from customers) for online entrepreneurs is PayPal, although check and cashless payment options can also be considered. PayPal is considered to be a paradise for entrepreneurs, facilitating the turnover of funds. 

The use of payment services noticeably simplifies the task for those who own the site or online store, allowing customers to make payments both through online banking, and using payment cards. In the United States, the best providers are PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payment and Skrill.


What is the real income on the Internet?

It is worth to be an expert in higher mathematics to understand that specific figures can only be talked about when working on a stable schedule. Working on the Internet is an opportunity to earn money, independently allocating their time. It is clear that for 8 hours of work you can get much more than 2-3 hours. So decide in advance how much time you are willing to give to the work, so as not to build illusions and not to be disappointed.

Any job for which money is paid involves time and effort. Otherwise, what do you get paid for? Want to earn a lot, having regular customers, choose a niche that is interesting to you, in which you have certain knowledge and put out to the full. And it's not necessary to say that you can't make money on the Internet. Who wants to, that already earns.