MyCIIS is the CIIS administrative web-portal for prospective and current students, faculty, and staff.

All applicants and students enrolled in one of our academic programs are issued a MyCIIS login. To apply or request more information about CIIS, please click the Admissions tab above.

If you do not remember your MyCIIS user ID and password, please click here.

Please note, students enrolled in certificate programs through our Public Programs department do not require MyCIIS accounts.


*Now Officially Open*

California Institute of Integral Online Book Store - the official textbook provider for California Institute of Integral Studies students. Shop our marketplace at the online bookstore.

*NEW* – Beginning 2019 Spring semester, faculty and student access to university’s online bookstore (Textbookx) is available from the course navigation menu (select Bookstore Menu) in the following CIIS Canvas course spaces:

CIIS Health Screening Questions

Introduction to the MyCIIS Web Portal

Steps to Search and Register for Classes (Courses) 

1. Login into MyCIIS with your user Id and password

2. Go to Registrar link at the top.

3. Click on left menu "Search and Register for Courses"

4. Click on "Course Search and Add Courses" link or if you have any form visible, please complete the form to get the "Course Search and Add Courses" link to appear

5. Follow the search for course that you are interested in and select the course you would like by clicking on the "add" check box next to the course of interest and click the "Add Course" button at the bottom on the page.

Direct link (MyCIIS login required): Go to Registrar>Search and Register for Courses

Wireless Service at CIIS Campuses

CIIS campus wireless access information is available on the Technology Section